Reduced Libido in Men: Why does it Occur and What Can Be Done about it.

Is Low Libido a Norm or a Pathology?

Reduced Libido in Men: Why does it Occur and What Can Be Done about it.It is generally thought that men always want sex and always think of sex, unlike women. However, nowadays medical specialists say that it is just a myth, and no more than that. All men are different, and all of them have different requirements in the sphere of their sexual life. While one man may want to have sex three times a day, another one needs no more than three times a month. In fact, both cases are normal as long as the men themselves are satisfied and feel good with it.

The same can be said about libido, also known as the sex drive. Some males have a very strong libido: they think of sex almost non-stop, and it takes them no more than several seconds to get sexually aroused.

Meanwhile, others are more passive and almost indifferent to sex: they need a direct sexual stimulation to get aroused. For individuals like these, this is the norm for them. However, sometimes for a variety of reasons libido becomes reduced or completely disappears. Low libido in a healthy man is considered a kind of a pathology that requires treatment.

Reasons for Low Libido in Men

Reduction of libido can be caused by a variety of physical, emotional and psychological factors:

  • It is a natural process, which is linked to numerous changes in the organism. If it happens gradually, there is nothing to worry about.
  • Low testosterone. This is a frequent reason for libido loss, which is commonly followed by an overall apathy and low mood.
  • Some inner disorders. If something is deeply bothering a man, he doesn’t think about sex – it is quite logical. But even if there are no apparent symptoms of a disease, libido can be reduced, as our organism is “wise” – it knows that all healthy men must be sexually active.
  • Extra weight is frequently associated with a low sex drive and a weak potency.
  • Emotional problems – depression, grief, stress, unresolved interpersonal problems and so on. Our body is a complicated mechanism, where all the components are interrelated, and emotional sphere influences physical processes and vice versa.
  • It happens when a man has a deficiency of sleep or is focused on work too much. Some workaholics just have no time for thinking about sex.
  • Long sexual abstinence. When the sexual system is not active, our organism “decides” that there is no need for it anymore. As a result, the libido starts to decline gradually.

Does it Require Treatment?

Low libido can be normal for older men or those having serious health problems. In all the other cases it requires treatment.

To find out the best strategy for the treatment, you first need to define the reason for the problem. Methods of therapy will vary greatly depending on the cause. Sometimes, all you need is just to have a rest or talk to your partner in order to resolve problems in relations. If you can’t do it yourself, consult a specialist.

Reduced Libido in Men: Why does it Occur and What Can Be Done about it.

In more serious cases, when the cause of reduced libido is physical, you may need medication therapy or major changes in your lifestyle. Primarily, the efforts will be focused on eliminating of the initial reason: increasing testosterone, losing weight or curing inner organ disorders.

What Can Be Done to Increase Libido without Meds?

You may try to increase your libido naturally, without medication therapy or any medical interference, by modifying your everyday diet. There are certain products that increase sex drive in men. They are called aphrodisiacs. The powerful natural aphrodisiacs are:

  • seafood (oysters, crabs, seashells, fish);
  • nuts and seeds;
  • greenery and vegetables (spinach, celery and garlic are the leaders);
  • organic dark chocolate;
  • meat (choose low-fat high-protein sorts)

Also you may try special supplements developed specially for increasing men’s libido. They contain extracts of herbs, vitamins and essential oils that boost libido. These supplements are usually available over the counter, but if you are not sure whether you need them or not, consult your doctor before taking any supplements.