1) What if I want to stop Cialis action?
If we understand you correctly, you are concerned about the effect of Cialis lasting too long. When Cialis is already in the blood, there are no methods, besides medical intervention, to stop it. But, we should say that there is nothing to worry about! Without excitation, you won’t feel any particular effects from the pill. It requires stimulation to cause effect.

2) I want to suggest this to my boyfriend but don’t know how to do it in the best way. What you can recommend?
The main problem is to make sure that he doesn’t take it like an attack on his prowess or a statement of your dissatisfaction in bed. Present it like a new experience. Don’t forget to find a safe dosage.

3) Is it possible to take the classic dosage on the next day?
We can’t recommend you to do that because on the second day the concentration of the active element in the blood will be still high and in double doses it may bring some uncomfortable feelings. Besides, it makes your health feel pressure and it is not healthy.

4) How to protect my health from Cialis’s side effects?
Everything is already done by the production company. If you want to be sure of its high-quality action, the best thing you can do is analyzing your own health and the shape you are in. If there is some other disease in the picture, get a consultation from our support service about the possible influence this may have.

5) Why is the price so low?
We use in production raw materials and modern equipment. They help to create the best circumstances to avoid markups. We want to make our goods as readily available as possible, so that’s why prices always should be pleasant to the eyes. Low price and high quality should be put together!

6) Why does Cialis have such a long lasting effect?
Everything is based on the active element. The period of its decay lasts rather a long time. If we make a comparison with other pills, it is rather easy to see. This is the only pill in this area which could provide results for such a long period and it shows perfect results.

7) What will happen if I mix Cialis and drugs?
After using drugs your mind will be not clear and all processes could be altered because of this. It means that after drugs you might even just forget about sex. Anyway, if you want to have a real quality of passion, don’t mix Cialis with other things which can create a wall between your mind and your feelings.

8) Is it possible to make Cialis at home?
No, it is impossible. At home, there is no equipment which should be used. Besides, it is rather hard and expensive to create all the preparations and the result could be dangerous to your health. It is risky and we can recommend you to use professionally-made pills.